7 Reason Why WordPress is the Only Online Platform You Will Ever Need

If your thinking of starting your first online adventure, or maybe you want to update your existing site to today’s expected standards then look no further than WordPress. From beginner to advanced and everything in between, WordPress has a theme to meet your needs.

 Check out our 7 top reasons why WordPress is the only online platform worth investing your time and energy in to build your website on.

  • Versatility

You may be starting your first blog or starting an online store selling physical products or downloadable products or courses, it doesn’t matter when it comes to WordPress because it is fully customizable and extendable.

Did you know that you can even have a podcast on WordPress?

WordPress is constantly changing, growing and evolving to meet the needs of its user base and their customers. More and more businesses, enterprises, and bloggers are using WordPress to power their websites and their market share grows every day.

2) SEO Ready

The most successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts not only use but they recommend WordPress? Not surprisingly, one of the reasons why WordPress is so ahead of the competition is because it works so well for SEO.

You can edit your permalinks which not only makes them look better for the viewer it also helps Google rank your page. The meta description and title are another two major ranking factors which you can customise to add your keywords to. You will need to add them to almost every post and page of your website.

Including your targeted keywords in the metadata can improve your ranking significantly

These are all steps you can easily do in the back office of your website with the correct plug-ins but if it all sounds to complicated, have a look at the SEO package that we offer.

SEO allows you to get organic traffic, which is vital for your venture to work

3) User Experience

The visitors to your website must have an enjoyable experience to keep them on your page, also known as a bounce rate Google tracks how long people browse your site and use the information as part of its ranking system

 A bad user experience can be anything from a bad web design to an ugly layout of content to poorly chosen images or even because the site is not optimised for mobile.

WordPress has so many themes and plugins to choose from you can customise your site to look exactly how you would like but always keep in mind that it’s your visitor your designing for not you!

Another benefit of a good looking website is the increased engagement. If you have an ecommerce site customers will be more likely to buy from you and stay longer looking at your products. If you have a blog people will leave their comments along with their questions. An active community through a comments section will also improve your ranking.

4) Mobile Optimization

It’s not surprising that more and more online searches are now done from smartphones and tablets and this number is set to increase.

If you use WordPress, you have nothing to worry about. Nearly all the themes are already optimized for mobile devices. Also when you customize your website, you have the faliciality to check how your web pages looks on all the different devices.

While we understand why a theme should be mobile responsive,it’s just amazing to see just how many websites still don’t adjust to the format that the are being viewed on.

Google expects to find a mobile version of your website so it’s great that WordPress has it sorted for you.

5) Site Speed 

Google is all about their customer’s experience online and it wants your website to load fast, it doesn’t want to send a customer to a site that takes so long to load that their customer moves on. If users get frustrated it will be bad news for your bounce rate and that’s a big ranking factor with Google.

For those who already use WordPress, your site should already be loading quickly (around 2 seconds) the only reason it would be loading slowly is if you aren’t using the theme correctly.  can find There are plenty of plugins that were actually created to increase your website’s loading time.

If you have a website and are wondering what it’s load time there are lots of online tools that will test your speed time just make sure you check your mobile load time as well as desktop as the two can vary a lot and Google is pushing for mobile sites to be fully optimized.

6) Social Media

I’ve been around long enough to remember a life without Facebook but those days are long gone. You cannot overlook the importance of social media and content marketing, especially when talking about getting traffic to your site.

Engaged social media followers will engage with your site and even promote it for you if you can turn them into fans. The more engaged your audience is the higher you ranking will be.

Lots of people confuse the volume of followers have with engagement. Creating great content isn’t enough if you can’t get it in front of people.

Building a targeted audience of a 100 followers that engage with your site (likes, comments and shares) than 10,000 that never look at anything you do – don’t ever buy followers it can hurt your rankings in the long term.

WordPress is ahead of any competition in this area with hundreds of plugins to choose from that are created to maximize your social media exposure. You can automate your campaigns, add social media buttons to your content to get shares from your visitors, embed a social media feed on your website, and many other options to encourage your guests to be a part of your social media campaigns.

WordPress also gives you the option of scheduling your social media post. By installing an all-in-one WordPress social media plugins, you are able to bulk schedule your social media posts for an entire week or month, saving time and energy

7) Allows You To Create Multi-Language Website

It’s a small small world! This is one of my favorites.

If you are writing a blog and want to share it with the world then this is one cool feature that WordPress has that just turns the platform into a superhero for me.

This CMS (content management system) allows you to create a multilingual website in close to 70 different languages. Time to let your voice be heard.


This is just 7 reasons why you should choose WordPress as your online platform I could easily written 1001 reasons why you should choose WordPress as your online platform.

From numerous plugins and endless themes to security, SEO and social media features, WordPress is a one-stop shop for all your website requirements.

If it all sounds too much just give me a call and we can discuss the best options for you to get you online as soon as possible. 

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