Your Questions Answered

That’s a tough one. Websites come in so many different shapes and sizes. Maybe you want a one-page site or 20 pages, maybe it’s a membership site with subscriptions included or e-commerce with a checkout. Is it a personal blog or are you an artist/writer/photographer who would like to platform to display your work?
The only way to answer this question is to ring and have a chat

We sure can, but what do YOU consider fresh and modern? We ask a lot of questions when we build a website and for good reason. Our aim is to give you the website you want not the one that easy for us to turn out. The website has to reflex you and your ambition.
We can build pretty much anything but we do like you to have a clear idea of what you want, from the photos to the written word. Start looking at other websites now and make note of what you like and don’t like from the imagery, layout, colours, font style and text. Have fun with it.

Relax LOL! Once we know what you like we do all the design work. All our websites are built from scratch so are completely unique, no cookie cutter websites here.
A major part of SEO is the inner workings of the website, regarding structure, coding, build, speed, layout, navigation and images sizes. We work on this as we both develop the website and again when we optimise the copy of your website. Making sure the title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, internal and external linking and on page SEO is fully implemented.
We will have your website optimised to meet all Google’s requirements prior to launch. None of this is anything you have to worry about.

We truly believe that your website build should be a fun and exciting experience for you. Our catchphrase is Making Online Easy and that’s exactly what we do.

You’re not alone. We are seeing so many more people needing to move there business online because of these uncertain times.
Remember our catchphrase Making Online Easy? Once we hand over you site if you like I’ll make a video of the backend of your Website and show you the inner workings so you can get comfortable acquainted with your new salesperson.

Any one old enough to remember the film Field of Dreams will know the line “If you build it, they will come”
That’s not the case with websites. Websites need traffic. There are endless different ways to generate traffic from social media, SEO to Google my Business optimization.
I believe our Pinpoint Central is the best offering on the market when it comes to managing your traffic solutions in one place.

We can’t cover every question out there so if you would like to give me a call on 087 967-4303 I’d be more than happy to chat about what your looking for and how we can help you achieve it.